Welcome traveller!

If you're planning your trip to Chile, than you can't miss the number one South American spot for adventure tourism, yes, I'm talking about Pucon! 

We are all travelers too, and we know what it means to arrive in an unknown place, feeling overwhelmed by the plenty of choices of things to do, too many offers and so little time...


That's why we want to help you spot the best options for your trip and make your experience in Pucon unforgettable.

We are experts in organizing activities, finding hotels and giving advices about the best places in town where you can eat, drink or sightsee.


Just write us and we'll help you with your travel plan, together we'll make a taylor made plan for you, accommodation included.


Please find out our activities and much more on our website: www.riverstonk.com and on our Facebook page /riverstonk.


See you in Pucon!!